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Distribution of engines, power transmissions and generators

Diesel-Bec offers expertise at all levels.

After analyzing your needs, our team will advise you on the engines or parts that are best for you. We also distribute the most recognized brands on the market and have an intimate knowledge of their processes.

Maintenance and Repair in the Workshop or on the Road

In addition to the distribution of engines, power transmission products and generators, our team of experts provides a complete service at all levels. Your specific needs lead you to the manufacture of a customized solution? Do you need an urgent repair or maintenance service? We can help you.

Our team understands the importance of keeping your machinery fully operational and is committed to advising you on the proper use of your power transmission, generator, or diesel engine. Our workshops are equipped with the finest tools for evaluation, maintenance and repair. Based on proven and mastered technologies, we guarantee fast, professional service, always accounting for your deadlines and expectations.

Diesel-Bec also offers a 24/7 emergency repair service, with our maintenance professionals traveling to repair and uphold your products as quickly as possible.

Custom Designs of Diesel Engines

Our primary goal is to assess your needs and assist you every step of the way. The environment and application of your engine or diesel generator⁠—geography, temperature, operations, power demand, frequency of use, general conditions, etc⁠—are factors that will impact the direction of our design.

We have access to the biggest brands in the industry, allowing us to take advantage of the different characteristics and benefits of each engine. That way, you'll be sure to get a custom, high-performance, high-quality production for your power transmissions, diesel engines and generators.

More Information on Custom Designs